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Corrugated Cardboard Automatic Folder Gluer Bundling Carton Box Packing Machine

Automatic folder gluer machine is composed of three parts:vacuum feeder machine unit,glue fold unit and stacker unit,digital display,microcomputer amplitude modulation of speed and is simple in the fast and reliable precision control mode,automatic feeding,automatic glue fold,automatic counting,automatic stacker,sticky box speed an average of 150p/min,top speed of 220p/min,efficient energy conservation and environmental protection is our highest pursuit.
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Corrugated Cardboard Automatic Folder Gluer Carton Box Make Machine


Function of carton box folding gluing machine each unit:

1.Feeding part

1.1Adopt adsorption type belt lead edge paper feeding method,accurately and stable.

1.2Adopt high-grade electromagnetic clutch and electromagnetic brake system.Paper feeding unit can be controlled individually.Easy operation.

1.3Creasing wheel is adjustable for the thickness 2-8mm of cardboard.

1.4Frequency control of motor speed with the glue folding unit,has a speed of 0-130m/min.

1.5Front baffle and the belts of the feeding unit can bu adjusted right and left,quick adjustment of various size and length of the cardboard box.

2.Glue folding part

2.1Main motor adopt frequency control of motor,no noise,convenient and stable.

2.2Imported circular seamless docking convey belt made of high wear resistant materials,folding of cardboard accurately and automaticly.

2.3Gluing unit selects high quality stainless steel gluing wheels,coating evently,trouble free and glue saving.

2.4Folding unit equipped with paper corrective and creasing corrective device.

2.5Folding speed 0-130m/min.

2.6Folding unit equipped with two rows fixed position wheel,precision shaping.

2.7The right and left baffles are adjusted electrically.

3.Counting and stacking part

3.1With PLC programmable controller and touch screen digital control,easy operation,input date without downtime,auto counting,stacking and output.

3.2Counting unit adopt frequency control,speed can be adjusted.

3.3With imported circular seamless docking convey belt,stacking trimly,has a speed of 0-130m/min.

3.4Counting and output pneumatically,with PLC,accuracy and fast.

3.5Output unit adopt upper and lower belt compressing tightly,make the carton gluing firmly and output trimly.



QZD 2200

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10 KW

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