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Corrugated Cardboard Production Line Of Corrugated Packaging Machinery

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Cardboard production line of corrugated packaging machinery

Corrugated packaging machinery is a general term, so what kinds are included?

Let's talk about the cardboard production line in several common corrugated carton packaging machinery.

**Corrugated board production line** 

This equipment is used to process raw paper roll into corrugated cardboard, and slitter creasing cut the board on the production line to obtain the size required by the order.


     Use raw paper roll               by           production line            get                 cardboard

Determine the size of the machine according to the size of the paperboard; Determine the number of layers of the machine according to the number of layers of paperboard; Determine the speed of the machine according to the required output.

This production line has two options: full-automatic and semi-automatic. Customers can determine which one they need according to their own site and capital.

The fully automatic production line is a large-scale production line. The machine covers an area of about 70 * 4.5 * 5m. It also needs workers' activity space and the place for raw materials + products. Therefore, it needs a large plant and a large capital budget. It is characterized by large machine floor area, more capital investment, less labor, large output and fast capital return.

Semi automatic is much simpler, without complex process flow. Because a lot of work needs manual operation, the amount of labor is relatively large. It is characterized by small floor area, less capital investment, more labor and low output.

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