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GBJ partition assembling machine

Automatic Inserting Machine Specification List

Parts name

1 Automatic inserting machine 1unit Inserting : double-position;
Sheets Composing: Decussation
2 Sheet Delivery 1 unit
3 Pneumatic System 1 set Bring by user
4 Electric System 1 set PLC, human machine interface , Servo control
Automatic Inserting Machine Introduction
Structure character
* Lengthways and horizontal sheets do decussation inserting.
* Automatic inserting each kinds clapboard and block
* With a fault detection device, stop if the paper jammed

Clapboard List
Name Unit Data
Horizontal inserting width: A

mm Model CGJ450-3
120~900 single-position
120~420 double-position
Lengthways sheets length: B mm 210~450
Clapboard Height: C mm 85~300
Lengthways clapboard distance: D mm 20~250
Horizontal clapboard distance: E mm Model CGJ450-3
50~110 3 inserting double-position
70~225 3 inserting single-position
70~128 6 inserting single-position
Carton inserting mouth width:F mm >board thickness
Carton thickness:G mm 1.5~8mm

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