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Introduction of corrugated paperboard folder gluing carton box machine

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Introduction of corrugated paperboard folder gluing carton box machine

  I.Introduction of the whole machine

  QZD type Automatic corrugated cardboard folder gluer carton box make machine is composed of three parts:vacuum feeder machine unit,glue fold unit and stacker unit,digital display,microcomputer amplitude modulation of speed and is simple in the fast and reliable precision control mode,automatic feeding,automatic glue fold,automatic counting,automatic stacker,sticky box speed an average of 150p/min,top speed of 220p/min,efficient energy conservation and environmental protection is our highest pursuit.

  II.functional characteristics

  1.Automatically complete the top folding and at the same time can complete the upper and lower two parts of the tape paste,save labor and time.

  2,suitable for a wide range of cartons,different sizes of carton adjustment is simple and quick.

  3.The machine runs smoothly and reliably,and the packing effect is firm and beautiful.

  4.The equipment is simple to operate and easy to maintain.

  5.Automatically correct the straight Angle of the carton.

  III.Equipment installation and distribution

  1.The installation requires a space of 15×5×3.For the convenience of operation and production,the space on both sides should be more than 1 meter from the wall,the ground should be flat,and the working face of the equipment should be adjusted horizontally.

  2.This equipment uses 380V(440V)AC power supply,and the power supply is directly involved in the input end of the distribution box.For details,refer to the circuit schematic diagram.

  3.Before starting the equipment in the test run,make sure that all parts are installed and connected correctly,there are no foreign bodies on the chain and belt,and the operation can only be carried out after normal operation.

  Note:the internal parameters of the microcomputer have been set and locked,please do not change without authorization,so that it can not be used normally.

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