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Outlook 2022

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Outlook 2022

COVID-19 has been in the world for two years, and we are fortunate to usher in a new 2022. 

At present, the economy of many countries and regions is recovering, and the epidemic situation is slowly weakening. 

This is exciting good news and brings necessary conditions for economic recovery.

The sun is still so warm, life is still beautiful.

After two years of repression, the carton packaging industry has shown its potential to explode at the beginning of 2022. 

Excellent corrugated cardboard make production workshops and carton manufacturing factories have shown their strength. 

Some are upgrading the old equipment in the workshop, some are buying new machines to expand production, and many are aware of the prospect and potential of the industry, Prepare to carry out new business and expand their own wealth and business.

On the 3th day of the Chinese New Year, NORTH PACK received the new order from our valued customer, which is the best New Year gift for us! North pack thanks customers for their support, thanks God for the rain, dew and sunshine! We will welcome every new and old customer with great enthusiasm, treat every order with 100% responsibility, handle the details and provide good service.


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