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What Is Carton Box Packaging Machinery?

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What Is Carton Box Packaging Machinery?

Corrugation box, with its superior renewable and recyclable characteristics, as a packaging material, is warmly pursued by the majority of users!

Corrugation cardboard production line is use to make roll paper into corrugation board.

The printing machine is use for printing slotting and die cutting the paperboard to preliminarily form the carton.

Carton gluing machine / carton stitching machine, which folder and glue / stitcher the preliminarily formed cardboard into cartons.

Bundling machine, is for stack and bundle the folder and after glue cartons.

Thin blade machine, cut and indent the large-size corrugation board to get the required size and meet the requirements.

And so on there are many other machines, which are combined into the mechanical equipment of this industry..

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