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What Is Packaging Machinery?

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What is packaging machinery?

We often hear the word "packaging machinery", so what is packaging machinery?

In short, packaging machinery is the machinery and equipment for producing packaging products. This is a general term. There are several subdivisions, such as food packaging machinery, plastic packaging machinery, carton packaging machinery, etc., which are collectively referred to as packaging machinery.

Our company mainly produces and sells corrugated carton packaging machinery, from roll paper to corrugated cardboard, from corrugated cardboard to printing and slotting, and then to gluing box or stitching box and so on. After the cartons are made, they are sorted and bound. Although a small carton is made, its production process is very complicated, and the machines used are a series.

Therefore, there is use corrugated cardboard production line for the production of cardboard; Printing slotting die cutting machine is use for carton forming; The gluing machine is used to glue the cartons, and the bundling machine is use to sort and bundle the cartons.

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