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What is the most advantageous feature of high-speed printing machine

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                      What is the most advantageous feature of high-speed printing machine

After years of development, more and more carton factories have become local economic pillar enterprises with scale. Let's congratulate every successful entrepreneur!

A successful carton factory must have full-automatic high-speed printing machines to provide services for the factory. Such machines are very popular. Because it is fully automatic, it can save the tedious manual debugging process when changing orders. Just input the required data on the touch screen, and the machine can automatically return to the position setting, which is very intelligent; Fast speed, which is a strong guarantee for the timely completion of large orders.

So, what is the biggest feature of this high-speed printing machine?

Now let me show you the following photo:


Electrically controlled single-axis slotting: pre-pressing, forming line, slotting position linkage adjustment.

Six axes drive, one cutter head angle cutting, three cutter head slotting, elastic angle cutting blade. Upper and lower cutter head driven by independent screw (eight), linear precision linear guide positioning drive (using for CNC machine ).

1. Slotting Transverse movement

1) The slotting phase is adjusted by PLC, touch screen control and electric digital 360 degree. (Operation and stop can be adjusted) 2) Pre-pressing, forming line pressing and slotting position transverse movement are adjusted synchronously by linear precision guide rail and lead screw, and double anti-collision protection device is used for slotting tool base transverse movement.

3) The height adjustment of slotting box adopts electric four-knife synchronous adjustment.

4) Alloy steel is heat treated, grinded and trimmed, with sharp edge and high precision.

5) The alloy steel of slotting knife is heat-treated and grinded with good hardness and toughness, and its width is 7_.

6) Axis diameter is 180, surface grinding, hard chromium plating, smooth movement.

2. Line-pressing mechanism

1) It is equipped with pre-pressing and forming twice wire-pressing device. The pre-pressing adopts large radian steel wheel to form.

The upper wheel is wrapped with high-strength adhesive layer, the lower wheel is single-wire steel wheel, the cardboard is not easy to be damaged, and the lines are straight.

The linearity is good, and the line pressing clearance is adjusted by two-stage worm gear box control mode in the range of 2-10mm.

2) Axis diameter is 98, surface grinding, hard chromium plating, smooth movement, balance correction.

It runs smoothly.

3. Urgent stop and Jogging

1) The slotting control panel is equipped with emergency stop button to ensure safety and avoid waste in emergencies.

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