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What‘s the automatic folding gluing carton box packing machine

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What is the automatic folder gluer carton box packing machine

Introduction of the whole machine

QZD type Automatic folder gluer machine is composed of three parts: vacuum feeder machine unit, glue fold unit and stacker unit, digital display, microcomputer amplitude modulation of speed and is simple in the fast and reliable precision control mode, automatic feeding, automatic glue fold, automatic counting, automatic stacker, sticky box speed an average of 150p/ min, top speed of 220p/min, efficient energy conservation and environmental protection is our highest pursuit.

Machine features:

Automatic folder gluer machine is composed of three parts: vacuum feeder machine unit, glue fold unit and stacker unit.

Digital display control, PLC computer amplitude modulation, double frequency conversion synchronous operation, with a simple, fast, reliable and accurate control mode.Automatic feed paper,automatic folder gluer ,automatic tally,automatic stacker.Remote control within 100 meters to realize remote host start and stop, host acceleration and deceleration, fan start and stop, feeder paper start and stop, emergency stop, left and right arm adjustment, glue box adjustment, the average folder gluer speed of 150m/min, high speed and energy saving, the machine can achieve a key to change the single function (optional), save labor costs.

A.Feed paper unit:

1.Adopt belt lead-edge suction feeder paper mode, accurate and reliable.

2.Adopt high-grade electromagnetic clutch and electromagnetic brake system, so that the feeder paper unit can be controlled separately, the operation is simple and reliable.

3.Paper roller height adjustable, suitable for cardboard thickness of 2-8mm.

4.Linkage with folding unit, frequency control, feeder paper speed 0-150m/min.

5.The front baffle of the feeder paper section and the paper carrying belt can be adjusted from left to right.

B.Folder gluer unit:

1.The main motor adopts frequency conversion speed regulation system with no noise, flexible and stable speed regulation.

2.Adopt imported high friction belt to transport paperboard, automatic fold.

3.Adopt stainless steel wheel to apply glue, the amount of glue is uniform, no trouble and save glue.

4.The fold part is equipped with cardboard correction device and indentation correction device.

5.Fold part has two rows of adjustable inner positioning guide wheel system, forming precision is higher.

6.Fold speed 0-150m/min.

C.Stacker unit:

1.Automatic stacker and neat delivevr.

2.The main motor of the technology department is variable frequency speed regulation, the speed is adjustable, and the startup is stable and reliable.

3.Use belt to transport cartons, stacker neatly, speed 0-130m/min.

4.Use flapping board to hit the carton, with correction function, the deviation is very small.

5.Counting and pushing adopts pneumatic mode, PLC electronic control, reliable, accurate and fast action.

6.Adopt PLC programming controller and touch screen digital control, simple operation, reliable action, non-stop input data, automatic counting.

7.The delivery part adopts the synchronous pressing mode of the bottom conveyor belt and the upper pressing belt to make the finished cartons stick firmly and delivery neatly.

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