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2021 Of NORTH PACK Corrugated Packaging Machinery

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2021 of NORTH PACK corrugated packaging machinery

At the beginning of 2020, a sudden epidemic swept the earth. With the characteristics of rapid transmission and strong mutation, the virus has spread rapidly all over the world, causing great trouble to the economy and life of people all over the world.

Fortunately, human wisdom is infinite, and the will to defeat the virus is also very firm. Countries have rapidly developed vaccines to resist the attack of the virus. It has been nearly two years now, and people have slowly adapted to the coexistence with the virus. On the premise of making efforts to prevent the epidemic, they have constantly restored their economy and production capacity, and China has also made remarkable achievements.

This is really an unforgettable two years! Last year, masks were sold out all over the world, helmets were crazy for some time also, and materials were in extreme shortage. This year, the price of bulk commodity raw materials has soared, and the sea freight has increased so much which is 3-8 times higher than before. This phenomenon has brought a heavy blow to both the user end and the production end, especially to the industry of corrugated packaging machinery production.

The price of raw materials such as steel and minerals is soaring. The dependence of machinery manufacturing enterprises on steel determines that the cost of producing a machine is 30-45% higher than before, but the end users are also experiencing the heavy pressure of cost, so the sales price of machines cannot be increased; The crazy rise in sea freight has caused huge cost investment by end users. For a time, there was even a situation that there were orders and did not dare to produce.

After entering October this year, the good news of price reduction finally came. Customers placed orders to buy their delayed machines. The inventory of some common conventional machines, such as stitching machine and thin blade machine, were emptied one after another. The factory is also working overtime to catch up with customers' customized equipment, such as double color printing slotting machine. As long as NORTH PACK can do, we will meet customers' requirements. The continuous delivery of these days makes people energetic and enthusiastic in this cold season.

Today's containers are being loaded. Thanks for your trust and support. NORTH PACK also ensures on-time delivery on the premise of ensuring the quality of the machine. I wish the owner who bought the machine a prosperous business and a wide range of financial resources!

Here, NORTH PACK is very grateful to every customer for their trust and strong support. In the face of difficulties, we didn't give up, which made us feel great power and our greatest motivation! NORTH PACK will keep improving and serve every customer better.


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