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COVID-19 finds new mutations

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COVID-19 finds new mutations

In the past two days, the new mutant virus has made headlines all over the world with its stronger infectious ability, and the stock markets of various countries plunged immediately. 

This wave of mutant virus named "Omicron" did have a terrible impact on people. Many countries immediately cancelled flights and issued travel bans.

This is really bad news, which has made the economic recovery around the world worse.

At this time, each of us should be soberly aware of the characteristics of the virus, do a good job in self-protection, do not get together, wash hands frequently and wear masks.

DONGGUANG NORTH PACK PACKAGING MACHINERY CO.,LTD sincerely pray that God bless every lovely person to get through the difficulties and stay away from the virus.

NORTH PACK prays that the virus will disappear from the earth as soon as possible, and everyone can have a healthy and free living space.

NORTH PACK will continue to provide you with high-quality flexo printing carton make machine, folding box gluing machine, corrugated production line and other equipment.

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