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FY Corrugated Cardboard Sitting Scoring Machine/Thin Blade Machine


The FY-north pack Series Corrugated cardboard Thin Blade Slitter Scorer machine can lateral slit the size of the cardboard required. Normally it have 4 knives 6 creasing line or 5 knives 8 creasing line. The knives can be motorized adjust
1. Design speed: 0-180m/min.
2. Effective width: 1400mm-2400mm
3. 4 blades 6 scorers or 5 blades 8 scorers.
4. Motorized adjust the up down of the knives to match the height of the feeding corrugated cardboard.
5. Adopts novelty thin edge high speed paper cutting, the incisions are level up and velvet.
6. Auto-grinding edge system can be realized in the process of production, non-stop machine grinding edge, Pneumatic control grinding edge set. according to material and condition of hem, set the interval meter and the grinding time at any moment.
7. The machine can be Motorized transverse movement.

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