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Flexo carton box printing machine for corrugated packaging machinery

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Flexo carton box printing machine for corrugated packaging machinery

We talked about the corrugated cardboard production line earlier. Today, let's talk about flexo water ink printing machine. I hope it's what you want to see.

The printing machine is a necessary machine for the carton factory. The machine takes corrugated cardboard as raw material. After printing and other processing, the cardboard is printed, slotted, die-cut and formed, and then wait for other machines to be machined, and finally become a complete carton.

1    3    开槽模切后纸板.

                 Cardbaord         →→→→→→→→→→→     printer slotter die cutter      →→→→→→→→     after printer slotter die cutter 

If you want to buy a suitable printer for yourself, you should consider the following points:

1. Speed. Machine speed determines the output of work and is also closely related to price.

The machine speeds for your reference are: 50pcs/min; 80-100pcs/min; 120pcs/min; 150pcs/min; 180pcs/min; 220pcs/min.

2. Printing color. Determine how many colors you need to print according to the order. There are usually 1,2,3,4,5 color , and now the more popular is 3-4 color. The more printing units, of course, the higher the price of the machine.

3. If your orders are all regular cartons, such as fruit boxes, you need a printing slotting machine.

4. If your order also has special-shaped cartons, such as a hole in the carton, you need a printer slotting die-cutting machine.

You will probably find that this machine can be combined arbitrarily. Yes, you're right. Therefore, when we clarify your specific needs, we will customize satisfactory equipment for you.

If my sharing can help some friends, it will be my great honor!

Thank you for reading!

I wish you a prosperous business and a wide range of financial resources!

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