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Corrugated Cardboard Flexo Water Ink Printer Slotter Die Cutter Carton Box Make Package Machine

This machine is five color printing slotting die cutting for carton box make, it has full ceramic anilox roller with douctor blade ink system, design speed 25pcs/min , full touch screen control and electric slotter knife adjustment type.
  • 1200*2400

Corrugated Cardboard Flexo Water Ink Printer Slotter Die Cutter Carton Box Make Package Machine


Function and Characteristics:

-- Adopt PLC control the phase adjustment of each printing unit, operate easily.

-- All transmission rollers are made of high quality steel, plate with the hard chromium, surface is ground.

-- Driving gears are made of 40Cr high grade alloy steel and ground, the Rockwell hardness is ≥ 50 after the heat treatment.

-- Each unit adopt electric separating and pneumatic locking and whole locking. The alarm rings during the walking to ensure the safety of the operator. Different type of alarm sounding for start and stop the machine.

-- Using two hands together to press the start to button to ensure the safety of the operator.

-- There is dead-stop button in the front, middle and back of the machine.

-- There is instruction light (LED three-color instruction light) for the equipment electrifying, awaiting working and in unusual condition.

-- There is a dead-stop button in each unit of printing machine, the operator can stop each unit when in the middle of each unit to keep the operator safety.

Main technological parameter(the size of the machine can be designed based on clients requirement)








Inner width






Max. Paper size






Max. Printing size






Interval feeding size






Max. speed

Pcs /min




Economic speed

Pcs /min




Topping precision





Standard plate thickness





Cardboard thickness





Min. slotting interval





Max. slotting depth




Printing Unit  

Precision adjustment system, can accurately adjust the ink transfer gap, embossing gap and axial position

The DOCTOR blade system is equipped with high mesh ceramic anilox roller, the scraping ink is uniform, can obviously improve the monochrome dot and multi-color overprint effect, to achieve high dot precision printing; Doctor blade wear automatic compensation, uniform blade force, long service life.

1.Printing roller :
1)OD Ф393.6mm( with printing block OD is Ф408mm).
2)Dynamic and static balance correction, surface grinding and hard chrome plating, smooth operation
3)Stepless fixed plate hung up structure, easy and fast operation for printing block fix and take

  1. Fix and take off printing block, foot switch electric control positive and negative rotation

2.Anilox roller:         
1st color :     mesh      2nd color :    mesh
       3rd color :     mesh      4th color:    mesh   
5th color :     mesh 

  1.  Doctor blade system:

1) innovative chamber fluid dynamics and ink sealing design, ink delivery effect is good, can save ink.

2) air pressure or air cylinder adjustment lock, scraper wear automatic compensation, so that the anilox roller and scraping knife better fit, can get the best scraping effect.

3) inner chamber "teflon" anti-corrosion and anti-stick coating makes ink transfer and cleaning easier.

  1. Ink circulation

  1. equipped with ink alarm device, when a group of ink shortage, continuous warning sound hint.

2) pneumatic diaphragm pump ink feeding , ink discharge, make the operation fast, save ink and water flushing is convenient.

3) ink magnetic filter can remove most impurities in the circulation system.
4.)Stainless steel tank for easier cleaning.

  1. phase adjusting system :

  1. the printing phase adopts PLC control mode digital display and electric digital 360 degree adjustment (both operation and shutdown can be), the phase-regulating accuracy can reach 0.1mm.

2) the printing plate roller adopts servo to adjust the phase, and the piecewise start and stop control makes the fine-tuning precise and the large-scale adjustment time saving.

3) the horizontal position of the printing plate roller adopts PLC control mode for digital display, with the adjustment distance up to 10mm and the accuracy up to 0.1mm.

4) in the working process of the machine, if the machine needs to be opened for erasing or a small amount of replacement version of the machine in combination, can be determined to restore the original position.

5) pneumatic brake structure, automatic brake when machine open , automatic brake separation after combination.

Slotting Department

未标题-1_0005_6A1A4227Computer controlled single axis slotting: prepress, forming press line, slotting position linkage adjustment, using PLC control mode digital display, preset carton length, width, height, automatic adjustment.

Six axis drive, one blade do angle cutting , three blade do slotting cutting, one blade do edge cutting , middle knife fixed, elastic Angle cutting blade.

Upper and lower cutter
shaft independent lead screw drive (eight nos), linear precision linear guide positioning drive (CNC machine tool).

Slot Revolution Technology

Line pressure structure
1) equipped with prepress and molding twice line pressing device, prepress using large radian steel wheel, forming The upper wheel is wrapped with anvil rubber, the lower wheel is single wire steel wheel, the cardboard is not easy to damage, and the line is straight
Good linearity, pressure gap using PLC control mode digital display, minimum adjustment
0.1mm, adjustment range is 2-10mm.

2) the diameter of axle is ¢98 mm, surface grinding, hard chromium plating, moving smoothly, do balance correction,Smooth operation.

Packaging & Shipping

 After the machine is finished and running well, it will be coated with anti-rust oil, which makes the machine not easy to rust in the container, and winding film to prevent moisture. Each unit of the machine will be fixed in the container to ensure a stable and safe arrival at the destination.

Our Services
1. OEM service are available.
2. Trade Manager online, also contact by Email.
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4. Engineers are available service abroad.
PS: Normally our machines are uneasy to broken because of our 
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1. Are you a factory or trading company?
We are both a factory and a trading company in this field .

2. What is the terms of payment you accept?
We usually accept the T/T payment, we need 30% of total amount as deposit, 
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3. Where is your factory located ? How can I visit there?
Our factory located in Dongguang County, Hebei Province, China., near to the 
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4. How does your factory do regarding quality control?
Quality is priority. We always regard great importance to quality controlling from the very small thing(even a small screw we will choose the best quality) from the beginning.
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