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How do new users choose their own flexo printing machine for carton box?

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How do new users choose their own flexo printing machine for carton box?

   Corrugated cardboard is strong, can carry large weight, and waste cartons can also be recycled. Corrugated box packaging is widely accepted by people because of its superior turnover box characteristics, and has been sought after by users in recent years. There is an increasing trend of new carton factories, including those who change careers, new projects, upgraded equipment and so on.

   If the existing carton factory upgrades and updates the equipment, the user can complete the selection of machine configuration, and we will customize it according to the needs of customers. Many others plan to build a new carton manufacturing factory, which requires some understanding of the machine in advance and a general framework for the required printing machine  configuration. In this way, when consulting with the carton packaging machinery manufacturing factory, they will make themselves more professional and facilitate communication with each other.

   So, what do you need to know in advance for choose a Flexo Water Ink Printing Carton Box Machine? Here are some suggestions:

   * First of all, we should investigate in the market and determine what kind of cartons we want to make.

   * Secondly, determine the maximum corrugated board size according to the preliminarily determined carton category, which is the key to determine the equipment specification.

   * Then, make it clear that you need to print several colors. Generally, you can choose monochrome, two-color, three-color and four-color printing.

   * Finally, please confirm whether the printer is equipped with slotting group or die-cutting group, or both.

  With the above information, the corrugated carton box machinery manufacturing factory can accurately recommend suitable machines for you.

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