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What is the difference between slotting and die cutting of flex carton box printing machine?

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What is the difference between slotting and die cutting of flex carton printing machine?

The question seems very simple, as if everyone understands it. But for customers who are preparing to build a new carton factory, it is very difficult to choose the machine. They don't know the difference and what to choose.

So, for this situation, I would like to share my views here:

--The slotting unit in carton flexographic box machine is the work of slotting corrugated board and pressing lines at the same time. The slotting size can be set in the slotting unit according to the size of the carton you want to make. In this way, the corrugated cardboard will be crimped and slotted in the slotting unit after printing. In this way, you can get a conventional carton, such as fruit box, furniture box, food outsourcing packing, etc. Slotting unit cannot do die cutting.

--The die-cutting unit in the carton flexo machine, also known as rotary die cutting, is the work of die-cutting corrugated board. Usually, wood die is used in the die-cutting unit to die-cut the printed paperboard. Wood die are customized according to carton drawings. Therefore, for an order used one wood die and it mainly produces irregular cartons, that is, special-shaped cartons. The common ones are gift boxes or punching holes in conventional cartons. Die cutting unit can complete the work of slotting.

This carton printing machine has a very special advantage, that is, the printing group, slotting group and die-cutting group can be combined freely, because there are different habits and configuration requirements, some customers choose printing + slotting; Some customers choose printing + die cutting; Some customers choose printing + slotting + die cutting. The specific configuration should be determined according to the order.

The following are two pictures showing what is slotting and what is die cutting:


I hope these can bring you some help. If you have any questions, please contact me and I will answer them for you at any time.

I wish you a prosperous business and a wide range of financial resources!

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