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What equipment is usually used to make color carton boxes?

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What equipment is usually used to make color carton boxes?

Today I'd like to share a little knowledge about the making of color carton boxes!

Now people pay more and more attention to the quality of life. Many packages are made very beautifully, which is pleasing to the eye and has a very good sense of experience, such as gift boxes, wine boxes, etc. Please see the following pictures:

                  才1    才2

I have met many customers who ask whether the flexo ink printer can complete this kind of color box. In fact, the flexo ink printer with high configuration of ceramic anilox roller can complete relatively exquisite carton printing. There is no problem taking it as the outer packaging. When you encounter gift boxes and wine boxes with good workmanship requirements, flexo printing press is not the best choice.

So what kind of packaging machinery should be selected for boxes with exquisite printing effect, accurate error requirements and high workmanship requirements?

Here I give the following suggestions for purchasing this set of equipment:

1. Single Facer Production Line. It is used to produce two-layer single facer paper.

2. Laminating Machine. Used for compounding colored paper and single facer paper.

     (you need to buy the desired color paper from the offset printing factory)

3. Flat Bed Die Cutting Creasing Machine. Put the composite paperboard into the die-cutting machine to make the required shape.

After the above steps, a color box you need is formed. You just need to fold the box to get a beautiful gift box.

That's all for today's sharing. Hope I can help you who are looking for this kind of carton box machine.

thank you!

I wish all bosses a wide range of money! Business is booming!

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