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Some views on choosing corrugated carton box packaging machinery

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Some views on choosing corrugated carton box packaging machinery


As corrugated cardboard carton packaging is more and more popular, many people intend to switch to the carton packaging industry and want to set up operation a carton factory.

So, what are the suggestions for putting into operation a carton factory? There are many different situations, and everyone should consider them according to his own situation. I'm want to talk about two my views here:

 ** If you are from other industries to build a new carton factory, my suggestion is to configure your own machines according to the specific situation after investigating the market situation. In general, new factories should be equipped with some simple equipment, which is easy to operate and train employees, and can also avoid the shelving of funds (the price of high configured machines is more expensive). For example: chain feeding printing slotting die cutting machine, semi-automatic stitching machine, semi-auto folder gluing machine, etc.

 ** If your factory is very mature and the previous old machines cannot meet the demand due to the expansion of business and the increase of orders, you need to update the equipment and buy high-speed and high configuration machines. At this time, the operators in the factory have rich experience in the machine and can operate the machine well. The high-speed machine can greatly improve the output and ensure the timely completion of orders. It is a powerful helper for the carton factory. For example: leading edge feeding printer slotting die cutting machine, automatic folder gluing stitching machine, automatic PP blet strapper bundling machine, etc.

I hope there have some a litter help for you.

I wish all bosses a wide range of financial resources and prosperous business.

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