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CJZ Automatic Glue Kitchen/Glue Making/Glue Mixing Machine


This machine is highly automatic design, no need for special person to make glue, realize the unattended function of making glue and using glue; use high-precision scale sensor, precise control of material use; main components are international brands.

By virtue of excellent performance and service advantages, many domestic excellent cardboard production line enterprises choose our company as the supporting equipment of glue making system.

The partners include BHS, Japan Mitsubishi, Italy fosber, Taiwan Xiangyi, Yuli, Xie Xu and domestic famous Brand line.

More than 1200 domestic and foreign carton board manufacturers choose this system and operate stably for a long time.


1.Function and structure description of glue making system

The highly automatic design of the system can realize the automatic control function of the glue making and using process without special person to make glue. The whole process of glue production and delivery is controlled by computer to realize the unattended glue making and glue using process.


2.Main mixing system

In order to meet the needs of high-speed production line, the glue making time is shorter, the minimum glue making capacity of each can is 400 kg, the maximum glue making capacity is 800 kg, and the maximum glue making capacity per hour is 1600-1800 kg.

The main tank body and transmission pipeline are treated by acid pickling and phosphating, which are beautiful and durable. The special shearing device is equipped with traditional impelling and stirring blades at the same time. Make the penetration of glue stronger, the molecular chain of starch is refined, and glue is easier to penetrate into the fiber of paper.


3.Feeding system

A set of three weighing sensor metering system is adopted, and PLC controls the addition of all materials through secondary instrument. More accurate control of the feeding process error, to ensure that the formula is accurately implemented.

It has the function of automatic correction of formula. When feeding, you can see the deviation of the feeding process through the screen, and automatically correct the later feeding proportion through the proportion of the formula to ensure the accuracy of the formula.


4.Auxiliary feeding system

A borax storage tank and a propeller are provided. The borax storage tank is a special-shaped tank. The propeller adopts a spiral tube type, which makes the speed of adding borax slow and uniform. It also contains borax anti bridging device.

There are many intelligent alarm functions, such as starch shortage, feeding failure, over temperature, feeding timeout and equipment failure.


5.conveying system

Imported main pump ensures reliable equipment and normal production. It can carry out the function of filtering and blowing glue automatically to avoid the blocking of the hose.

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