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SM Corrugated Cardboard Double Facer Machine



The NORTH PACK double facer machine is used for laminating the face paper and single flute corrugated cardboard. And after heating and cooling to make high quality corrugated cardboard.

This machine is compose of two main parts: heating parts and cooling parts.
The heating parts include the steam pipe and heating plate and delivery belt and the pressure roller on the delivery belt. Cardboard was delivered by the belt friction.

The heating purpose is for drying and sticking the cardboard. Remove the extra moisture from the cardboard at the same time.
The cooling parts deliver the cardboard by the up down delivery belt holding the cardboard. So than it can let the heating drying cardboard become cooling and fixed and protect the cardboard become upwarp and bend.

1. speed 0m-250m / minute
2. Heating plate is surface grinded and chrome-plated.
3. Dense pressure rollers was used in heating section, 3-stage adjustable pressure for pressure rollers
4 Tension for the upper cotton belt was controller by pneumatic cylinder. .Automatic or manual correcting device are optional.
5. Driver rollers was covered with the Abrasion resistance rubber

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