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NC Corrugated Cardboard Cut Off Machine


The NC north pack corrugated cardboard cut off machine is used for crose-cutting the corrugated cardboard to the size required. This machine is mainly compose of length adjust mechanism, speed up adjust mechanism and Knife roller adjust mechanism. Computerized touch screen control, servo motor drive, it is one of the important machine in the Automatic corrugated cardboard production line.
1. Max. design speed: Helical knives 100-250m/min.
2. Effective width: 1400mm-2500mm.
3. Length of cutting cardboard: 500-9999mm, Precision of cutting cardboard: ±1mm.
4. Short diameter of knife shaft, high average speed better to improve the productivity.
5. Transmission system adopts oil pump auto-Cyc lubricate.
6. Exact and adjustable no gap gear assure knife-edge joggle exactly. Incision quality good, beeline degree high, protect knife.
7. NC. automatic follow the cardboard transmission speed and keeping synchronization.
8. NC.reserve groups of orders, and auto-complete as the procedure or according as preferential condition, the screen display various production message.

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