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Leadedge feeding automatic flexo printing slotting die-cutting machine


Product Description

Function of Feeding Unit:

-Control faceplate function button is concentrated and simple with convenient operation
- Electrically-controlled connecting and separating every unit, with alarm to secure operator by consecutive ringing during its processing.
-The Left and right baffles ,kick feeding, back baffle adopt manual adjustment
-Brush and the dedusting device can clear away the impurity from paper face to improve the printing quality.
-The mainframe is controlled by the frequency conversion, with steady start-up and running , saving about 30% of the power.
-Infrared photoelectricity counter presets the order processing quantity.
- One lock function for whole machine avoids damage caused by error operation(The mainframe can't start up when every unit hasn't been connected.)
-Pressure model elastic feeding rubber roller,which can't to damage the strength of corrugated cardboard
-Outside baffle add the flap function,which made the cardboard orientation more exact,avoid to waste.

Functions of Printing Unit:
-All the axles and rollers are made of high-quality steel, rectified by computer dynamic balance, eliminating centrifugal force , plated with rigid chrome and grinded surface.
-Printing phases adopt the planetary gear surface and digital electricity 360oadjustment(both stopping and running can be adjusted.)
-Printing roller landscape orientation is controlled by hand of a scope of 10mm.
-Pneumatic septum pump supplies the ink and the ink cup shows the quantity
-Plate-hanging device with whole hanging and half hanging slotting notch, foot switching controlling the clockwise and anticlockwise rolling, convenient to fixing and taking down the plate.
- Fixed the oil interval ,printing pressing roller and leading roller interval are adjusted and fixed by self-lock worm wheel and worm device adjustment and fix.
-Printing phase fixing adopts pneumatic brake structure, the brake structure will stop the mainframe running when the every unit the free-spanner self-lock worm wheel and worm device adjustment and fix.
-Reposition function,before reposition ,company memory printing position ,it can automatic reset after reposition .
-Rubber roller and the surface wrapped wear rubber ,special grinding effect of transfer ink.
-Steel anilox roller , steel face chrome ,pressure the anilox and rigid chrome.
-Pneumatic plate-uplifting device functions as the anilox roller pneumatically separates with the stopping of the mainframe, automatically smoothing the oil to avoid dried oil.

Functions of Slotting Unit:
-Slotting phases adopt the planetary gear surface and digital electricity 360o adjustment (both stopping and running can be adjusted.)
-Slotting tool rest, trace-pressing wheel and horizontal moving adopts manual mechanic joint adjustment
-The height of the box size was adjustment synchronous .
- Pressure interval was used the free-spanner self-lock worm wheel and worm device adjustment and fix. .
-The elastic tangential scraper structure could cut off three and five layer cardboard without any adjustment.
-The slotting knife is made of high-quality alloy steel, grinded after heat treatment, with excellent rigidity and tenacity and long life of using.
-It could be equipped with portable punching die holder.
-Option : Computer double shaft slotting adjustment.

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